It’s Time

My husband and I are in month 19 of trying to conceive    Always, in the back of our minds we always knew.  We always knew that the answer wasn’t to “wait around” or “take a ton of medicine that could really harm me”.  We knew that we are supposed to adopt. We talked and talked […]

So crafty

I’m obsessed with searching quotes on Pinterest.  Basically just searching “quotes” and finding great ones.  I then proceed to Etsy and search that quote and what kinds of things people put it on.  I really have too much time on my hands. I then post a bunch of silly craft projects which I can tell […]

The basics

I hate this, “welcome to the blog world” or “this is all about me!” type of introduction blog posts.   I am a short, happy kind of person who really enjoys being with others, working with children and hangin’ out with my Bullseye.   My husband and I recently built a house in April of […]