It’s Time

My husband and I are in month 19 of trying to conceive   

Always, in the back of our minds we always knew.  We always knew that the answer wasn’t to “wait around” or “take a ton of medicine that could really harm me”.  We knew that we are supposed to adopt.

We talked and talked about it.  We went to a meeting about it.  We thought long and hard about it.  YES!  We’re both on board.

The only problem?

The $25k that it costs to adopt.  Yes, we are savers.  We have dreams (big ones)!  $25k is a lot.  

The other problem?

Time.  It is going to take a LOT of time to save this money, it is going to take TIME to be picked as a family.  What we have come to realize is that it may take a long time, and that is okay.  However we can create our family is okay by us.

In the meantime I am going to get as healthy as possible (and so is J) and continue to just do what we are doing.  If we get pregnant  that’s great.  We won’t stop our may push things back a little, but we really think this is what we are meant to do.  If we have a biological child or not.


So crafty

I’m obsessed with searching quotes on Pinterest.  Basically just searching “quotes” and finding great ones.  I then proceed to Etsy and search that quote and what kinds of things people put it on.  I really have too much time on my hands.

I then post a bunch of silly craft projects which I can tell you right now I will never do.  I’m always like, “Oh!  I’ll do that!” but yeah, right.  However, I got “in the mood” and created this cute ‘thang!

I want to add a cute football or a Bear’s logo.  🙂  Oh, and my lover.  ❤

The basics

I hate this, “welcome to the blog world” or “this is all about me!” type of introduction blog posts.  

I am a short, happy kind of person who really enjoys being with others, working with children and hangin’ out with my Bullseye.



My husband and I recently built a house in April of 2012 right after our 2 year anniversary!  We couldn’t be any happier.

In January of 2011 I was diagnosed with something called PCOS. I basically have all the symptoms..uncontrollable weight gain, acne (hello being 12!), excess body hair, terrible periods and no ovulation.  I’ve done numerous “easy” medicated rounds of treatments to no avail.  We are going on year two and still have hope.  We know somehow, someway the good Lord will bring us a baby.  

We just know it.